Sales terms & conditions

General terms and conditions of sale

The sale terms and conditions apply to buyers in the online store (hereafter referred to as the Customer) and Punnis Possu OÜ (hereafter referred to as the Online Store) when purchasing goods and rendering services.

The Law of Obligations Act (hereafter referred to by its Estonian acronym, VÕS), the Consumer Protection Act (hereafter referred to by its Estonian acronym, TKS) and other important laws valid in the Republic of Estonia regulate the relationships between the Customer and the Online Store in addition to the terms and conditions set out on this page.

The Online Store has the right to amend its prices. Changes shall be published on its website (

Price and delivery details

All prices in the Online Store are in euros.

Purchased products are forwarded to the parcel terminal chosen by the Customer, the cost of which, where applicable, is noted in the shopping basket. The store’s partner Pakipoint ships products the following work day at the latest. In exceptional circumstances, if there is a delivery queue at parcel terminals, fulfilling the order may take up to five days, but usually no more than two or three. If we note in the product description in the Online Store a date from which we will begin supplying the goods to customers, you must take this into consideration and calculate the delivery time starting from that date.

You may choose between Smartpost, Omniva and DPD parcel terminals.

The Online Store has the right to amend the sales terms and conditions. Amendments shall be reflected on its website (

Completing an order

Add your preferred items to your shopping basket. To finalise your order, click on ‘Complete the order’. Fill in the necessary details and choose your preferred payment method from the list. The payment options are Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank and Pocopay. If you wish to pay via a bank link, choose your preferred bank. The link is operated by Maksekeskus AS.

Punnis Possu OÜ is responsible for processing personal data. The company forwards personal data that are essential in completing a payment to Maksekeskus AS, which is authorised to process the data. Payments are in euros. In the case of a bank transfer, you will find the payment details on the invoice e-mailed to you.

Please check that the information in the fields is correct, review your shopping basket and familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions before confirming your order.

Paid orders are automatically filled. You will receive an e-mail listing the ordered goods and with an invoice within an hour under ordinary conditions. Physical items move according to the speed of the postal system.

The Online Store is not responsible for delays in delivering the goods if it cannot predict or change the reason for the delays.

Returns policy and submitting complaints

The Customer has the right to withdraw from their contract within 14 days of receiving their goods. This right does not apply if the Customer is a legal entity.

In order to return goods you must submit a written claim to customer support by e-mailing

The Customer has the right to a refund if the goods do not correspond to the content described in the Online Store or if they are defective. The Online Store is not responsible for defects that emerge after delivery of the product to the Customer. The Online Store refunds all costs listed in the sales agreement to the customer if they return the product within 14 days.

In the case of a damaged or incorrect product, the Online Store will compensate all costs related to returning the item. Contact customer support to claim compensation within 14 days by e-mailing The Online Store may refuse to issue a refund until it has received the item indicated in the contract or until the Customer has provided proof that they have sent back the item, whichever occurs first.

If you have any other complaints about the product you can also contact customer support by e-mailing If goods purchased from the Online Store have defects for which the Online Store is responsible, the Online Store will repair or replace the defective goods. If it is impossible to repair or replace the goods, the Online Store will refund all costs to the Customer according to the sales contract.

The Online Store responds to customer complaints in writing within 14 days of receiving a complaint.

If the Customer and Online Store are unable to reach agreement, the Customer may turn to the Consumer Complaints Committee.